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Serious - about making some or more extra money apart from your regular job/business?

1258 teams/individuals started up last week!

If you are:

A professional

A businessman or a Businesswoman

An individual, who has knowledge or aware of in any topic related to public interest round the world.

You can start this business. We have this platform for you!

If it sounds that yeah you are searching for such, then you have it and can know further about Prodeft.

Right concept and right way can bring a good output to anyone who has confidence to achieve it with this platform, anyone can start working online with brain open and can see the result coming out in couple of weeks. Not like other online earning programs, where you have to get stick to others, work with or for them and get small commission.

Prodeft gives you platform with initial concept that you can owe and do work as per your adjusted time and be like your own boss. But your punctuality in working will bring the success to you.

Two critical parametersbased on which online earning happen through our platform


As everyone knows, those who spend on promotion of business are advertisers and if it does online then they called as an online advertiser.


Those who promote advertisers are publisher, our platform is best suited for this and earning can be done in huge if operated properly.

Google acknowledges that there is the exponential growth
of mobile market and is quickly embracing it.

More growth of mobile market, the more chances that
you can earn online using our networking software.

Daily online adverstisement investments / how can we benefit with this

  • Company’s web presence is becoming an increasingly important tool to reach global markets. Online marketing is a popular method to gain international audiences.
  • Digital Ad Spending to Surpass TV By 2018 ending.
    Total digital ad spending in 2017 will equal $77.37 billion, or 38.4% of total ad spending.
  • While time spent on the vertical screen is witnessing an inexorable rise,
  • The platform choice for add is influenced by content, and behavior is heavily skewed to messaging, social, entertainment and news.
  • Media advertising spending in the United States from 2015 to 2020 $ 183 billion to $ 215 Billion in 2017 to estimated $ 312 billion Ad spending in India to grow at 10% in 2017
  • As more and more advertising money shift to digital, there will be a high emphasis on making the medium more accountable with view ability metrics and outcome-based optimization.
  • He added that digital will be the focus not just for the advertisers but also for the media owners, be it publishers or broadcasters.
  • Media owners, be it publishers or broadcasters have more chances to grab this earning opportunity.
  • With telecom players offering affordable 4G data, it has given a great fillip to the OTT space. As more and more consumers adopt the medium, the advertisers will follow.
  • Making your own website and ranking it to benefit from online advertisement commission is a very tough task and even if your website gets lot of visitors is a matter of tough job to maintain it with frequent visitors.
  • We have prodeft networking platform where you can start working on it instantly and join visitors to this platform who will act like traffic.
  • Now, as like facebook and other social media, this platform will make visitors interest to come back on your own platform again and again.
  • Now if you have visitors, then it’s sure that you are ready to earn from online advertising.
  • All this work making your platform visitor ready and online earning will take at least from 15 days to 2 months time. Your method of choosing field topic and visitors’ interest along with your concentrated smart work is directly correlated to when and how much earning you will get through this platform.
  • Field topic: we have several blogs and content on this Field topic. You can go through it to make your mind on which field you will be more comfortable in running your network platform.

Digital ad spending globally still stand at just 40% of the total advertising pie i.e. approx $1600 Billion. This indicates digital ad growth.

"Networking and advertising belongs to the future. And early starters will definetely have an advantage over later beginners."
Tap all your visitors with
same interest as yours
See the Demo

Brief on how to start with this networking software

It’s important that you should know how this platform will make your desire come true for online earning
  • Purchase this software platform
  • Download the software and keep with you
  • Choose one topic interesting to you or any hobby you like
  • Select website/domain name as per the topic you selected
  • Upload software platform on your purchased domain. (you can ask us also to setup complete software on your domain, Android app platform and IOS app platform)
  • Now start gathering resources related to your platform online, make different and share various video and slides. (we will provide you tutorials or train you for this)
  • Invite people to join your platform. (we will provide you tutorials or train you on this)
  • Make any particular time to do above two tasks daily. Minimum 1 hour is fine to start.
  • After couple of weeks, you will find your platform is working and you have traffic.
  • Display ads on you platform of advertisers. (we will provide you tutorials or train you for this)

Are you already into any business

We have one more product along with networking software product
  • You can stay connected with your old and new clients
  • Same like watsapp, but difference is that:
  • You can watch every of your team members work communication for better performance
  • You will have your own business chat app by your company's name
how this technique or software different from other online business
  • You do not have to create one complete website or platform
  • It is ready to start
  • You have option to join visitors to your platform
  • You can notify your joined visitors when they are offline
  • Your visitors will open your platform repeatedly
  • Your visitors have option to poll, share and many more to do in your platform
  • You are not bonded with any other earning platform
  • You do not have to follow any other earning platform’s rule and target to earn.
  • You can work as per your comfort.

Many more points are like that, which it confirms, you will have a better earning option with this platform.

You can choose design or you can ask us
to customize design of prodeft platform.

Ask for a FREE consultation
What else prodeft will provide on time to time to nourish business
  • All updates regarding features and design, you will get after purchase lifetime.
  • You will be notified about any new ideology on earning online
  • New designs will be updated on time to time, that you can use on your platform.
  • Open forums will be provided later to all subscribed users where you can have get together with other platform users and can implement their suggestion, experiences and ideas on your platform.

Watch for    Announcements Page
  • Think

  • Start

  • Implement

  • .
  • Earn

  • Invite

Prodeft guarantees a mobile networking platform
that your target audience will fall in love with.
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