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  • Lack of Communication Level and Ability among Your Team.

  • Disconnection between the Manager’s Desire to Delegate Tasks and the Employee’s Disinterest in Attending.

  • Resentful Employees like Misunderstandings.

  • Dissatisfied Customers.

  • Internal Conflict among Employees.

  • Team Dynamics.

  • All Your Business Data in third Party Server.

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Within companies it is very important to inform yourself about what’s going on, not only for your job but also for your position within the company and your future ambitions.
Team network software built to give you the tools to make communication and collaboration easy and successful. Collaborating with any TEAM MEMBER or any of your CLIENT, handling any in-house project and beautifully managing Sales records and your Sales leads.
You can create your own customized social network among your team and clients, social intranet or huge social enterprise that really fits your needs.
Boost your business, support your customers, brief your team or organize your multiple project groups. It's on you.

Secure Your Plans and Data Fully Confidential in Your Server, Your Data, Your Rules. Team Network Software is a Self-Hosted Solution

Project Management Software

You are in the Full Control of Your Data

Communicate like you already do in other social networks, just with your own rules. Write posts and updates, share files, like and comment just the way you want it.
Handle projects with ease, make groups for particular project, involve client in project discussion and decision and provide your client an ultimate work satisfaction.
Make common announcement just by posting on your profile.
Track every team member’s work and involvement from every perspective.

Whatever Work Means for You, Team Network Software Brings All the Pieces and People You Need Together so You can Actually Get Things Done

Team Management

Chat Along with Team Business

It is the most complete, beautiful and easy to use add-on that will turn your website into a full-fledged social networking site
  • Facebook style one-one chat
  • Group chat
  • Auto login & sync existing users, friends & avatar
  • Or use it for live support
New trends to offer a new and easy way to hold chat discussions on your site.
  • Unique UX to encourage discussions
  • Click to slide open
  • In page chatroom with un-obstructive UI
  • Share conversations
High Quality Audio & Video Chat

Most Common Hurdles We Get in Running a Business

Staying organized is one of the top management skills needed to run a successful company. Good management means identifying which employees must attend and which ones can stay with their current tasks.

If all employees are briefed with a schedule, they'll be better prepared and have a process to follow. When topics go off off on a tangent, use the agenda to bring everyone back to the goal and purpose of the meeting.

Team network software will get you proactive and keep a finger to the pulse of your customers through tech support, online message boards. Promptly issue recalls for flawed products and be prompt to address customer issues.

Other workplace issues can stem from the absence of a company handbook that spells out all company policies and procedures. This can lead to a lack of continuity and a lack of control over the direction of the workplace.

Ethical issues such as employee theft, providing discounts or price breaks outside of the usual company policies and practices and other unfair practices are prime examples of possible issues and dilemmas a small business may face.

Several other issues and dilemmas spring to mind when thinking about a small business workplace. Possible leadership problems may develop if leaders, managers and supervisors refuse to play by the same rules as the rest of the employees. This can have a negative effect on creating a positive workplace culture.

Team dynamics can make or break a project or initiative for any business. Team members may try to promote their own agenda or take credit for work done by other team members. When working as a team, challenges related to differing views and ideas may take center stage. This can lead to distractions and eventually, difficulty reaching a workable solution. Setting forth a proper framework to work within and identifying the roles each member can play during team exercises can help limit any issues or difficulties stemming from team dynamics.

Employee’s misunderstandings resulting from a lack of open communication and feeling bullied or harassed by other employees, even managers and supervisors. When internal conflicts begin to impact the productivity of the business and the morale of the surrounding environment, management must step in and take control of the situation before it gets out of hand.

Sound Project Management – A Backbone for Any Successful Business

Many times, there are delays in deploying the project at the client’s place only because there is no process defined for uploading the software or patches in the customer’s environment.
If processes are not maintained and followed, it can result in tasks or activities being identified in an adhoc manner with managers expecting team to stay late and complete work that could have been otherwise planned well in advance.
Many a times, due to lack of process, the communication between team members and managers narrows down. Lots of assumptions are made. Tasks are completed with a different set of objectives in mind. This can cause the customer to wait for a long time for say, a financial transaction to happen and can cause a lot of dissatisfaction to the customer. The team then ends up fixing the problem in the next build or release cycle causing more re-work.
All the above points lead to one major effect….Playing the blame game. Each team puts the blame to the previous team, or puts the blame of bad quality to production team. And this goes on in a vicious circle. Add political angle to it, and the project goes for a six. While all this could have been easily avoided by simply using TEAM NETWORK SOFTWARE.

Get Customer Tracking Mode with Team Network Software

You might be able to keep up with 10, or 20 or even 50 clients in your head but there comes a point when you just can't track them all and their associated tasks and events. Do you really want to limit your business by what information you can store in your head? If you can only manage 20 clients successfully in your memory then you have stopped your business from growing any larger.
Do you know how many successful projects you've had in the past week, month, or year? Can you quickly state your conversion ratio or explain the best method you reach your customers with absolute certainty? Metrics are critical to your business growth and success. You may deceive yourself into thinking you can figure out things with common sense or with some Excel spreadsheet formula - but is that what you want to spend your time doing? My guess is that your time is more valuable than that.
If you've ever wanted to look back and see everything on a particular contact, the stream of communication between you and them and other members of your business then you need a Team Network Software.
You may claim that you can manage your business using email, task management systems, and calendar systems but you'll miss the big picture. Organizing all your information into one system gives you that big picture.

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