Group and team communication

Communicate with everyone at your own style and bring all in a single platform to response and do work better

Social communication

Create your own business social communication like other public social network and bring interest among your team to do work with interest. Write post and updates, share file and comment. Make decision while communicating. Make everything working like the way you want.

Separate Task and Groups with every member

It could be anything, a group or just a simple topic. For every task you can invite multiple users or team members and make up your own rules and rights.


Enhance your profile, create your portfolio, connect with other people like your team and pre or post sales clients. Select the right person with special skills, write post on your own wall that also can work like a notice or information for other joined team members.

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Flexible to Add more Features.

After a certain period of time using Social Team Software, If you think of to add any more feature for your convenience, you can do with ease on this software. You can also ask us do that for you.


Private messaging system to communicate with one or more users joined in your Social Team Software.

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Activity Stream

Monitor work and communications at a glance. Either you are in hurry or have couple of time, you can access and monitor every this and that of your work with your team having a cup of coffee.


Overview and fast access to the most important information of your business. Watch, evaluate and analyze to right decision for your business.

Most Active Users

Admin can see the most active user in its Dashboard, This indicator helps you judge better every user along with your clientage to take perfect and good discussion in any perspective.

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Share notes among two or more people in the group and can permit editing on it to anyone. Also you can see online – offline status of note users. Distinguish each users by content color. Notify yourself if any editing done by any user.

Team Management

Birthday Reminder

This widget shows upcoming birthdays on dashboard. You can set number of days future birthdays will be shown within. Users can hide their year of birth / age.


It is a full feature calendar. You can allow any user in your Social Network software to us it. You can refresh list To-do like refresh wall entry on buttons. Allow invitation to events, for recurring events, Allow modules to add entries to calendar, Notification before start of any events, Download Ical and can allow Google calendar integration.

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Content Report

This allows users to report posts for various reasons to Admin and super admins. It will help to reduce spam inside the network.

New Custom Pages

You can create as many custom pages or external links to various navigations. This can be done from Admin side only.

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Dropbox File Chooser

Allows users to share dropbox files in user profiles.

Social Share

Socialshare module allows you to share your post on other social networks like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook with backlink to the original post. This way you can get more social and attract more insight of other people and make new clients.

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It is the most complete, beautiful and easy to use add-on that will turn your website into a full-fledged social networking chats.

Facebook style one-one chat
Group chat
Auto Login & Sync existing Users, Friends & Avatar
Or use it for Live Support
Click to slide open
In page chatroom with un-obstructive UI
Send Files
Share conversations

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Chat Analyzer

You can look into any chat conversation that happens in your software and keep update yourself for everything that is going on in your organization and how good your client is getting support and handled by your assigned team member.

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Breaking or Instant News

Popups a Instant news lightbox on dashboard. The message can be set by all admins. Keep everyone active and make your work environment healthy and fast.

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High Quality Audio & Video Chat

You can do audio or video chat with any one inside your software users, This will make a better understanding and confidence among team and clients.

Easy Chat Customization

You can customize your chat platform as you opt to it look alike.

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Beautifully Crafted : We give a lot of importance to creativity. All our products are designed to be beautiful with respect to both looks and standards.

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Every product that is ever released is thoroughly checked for loopholes in security. But if any loopholes are found after the release, they are patched within hours.